Who We Are

The Progressive Youth in Business (PYB), is a forum geared towards championing youth entrepreneurship through targeted programmes that would collectively address the unemployment problem among youth by providing them with opportunities to develop their leadership skills, training in marketable job oriented skills, and access to resources and linkages needed to realize their potential as young social and economic entrepreneurs.

The PYB will be hosted under the Treasurer General’s (TG) office alongside the Progressive Business Forum (PYB), to leverage maximum synergies towards the economic liberation of the Youth in South Africa. In analysing the Labour Force Survey (conducted in September 2011), it is apparent that one of the major barriers towards realising a thriving economically active population is the high youth unemployment rate within South Africa.

The survey continues to cite that youth unemployment constitutes 73% of the total unemployment rate in the country. In parallel to this phenomenon, is the fact that there are significant challenges for young entrepreneurs to acquire and grow business opportunities. The PYB sees itself as a catalyst whose sole aim is to unlock economic opportunities for young South Africans and grow their businesses into economic power houses.

Our Vision

To nurture and grow South African youth owned businesses sustainably.

Our Mission

A platform to lead a national movement that collectively enable the inclusion of young people to participate in the mainstream economy of South Africa.

Our Values

As the Progressive Youth in Business, we will subscribe to the following values:

  • Integrity and Dignity
  • Empowerment and Care
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Transparency and Excellence
  • Partnership and Cooperation

The strategic objectives of the PYB which inform our programme of action to nurture and grow youth businesses in South Africa are as follows:

  • Policy influence to position the youth for success;
  • Financial and funding instruments access;
  • Monitoring policy instruments to ensure mainstreaming of young entrepreneurship;
  • Facilitate networking platforms among youth businesses and with potential partners; and
  • Sharing best practices and lessons.