Drawing from the National Youth Policy, the PYB in partnership with the Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industries SA will develop mechanisms to ensure an integrated, holistic, and sustainable youth business development support structure.

Taking cognisance of the historic and current imbalances and the policy objectives that aim to address these imbalances, the PYB will endeavour to build a non-sexist, non-racist and democratic youth entrepreneurship movement. The envisioned ideal is a country in which youth take responsibility in designing, shaping and building a better life for themselves and the country at large.

This translates to the PYB playing a pivotal role in shaping policy in the country that would affect youth entrepreneurship and youth development. The PYB intends to work closely with all stakeholders, namely: business, government, labour, academia and young people in general to ensure that young people of South Africa are well informed and poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the economy of the country.

The PYB will further endeavour to strengthen the capacity of key youth development institutions and non-profit organisations, and seek representation in key decision-making public and private sector platforms.